This going to be my first ever english text, it is a traduction of the same spanish tale, that i had published here, some years ago, i am trying to improve my english skills, so please be patient whith me if you found several mistakes (or a lot of)…

Negotiating with the lord of the darkness

Today, at the last day of the year 1714, I am redacting the last letter of my life.

Still under the wild and dark gravestone of the man that I ever went, I will love you until the end of the times, beautiful and beloved of mine.  

I have finished with the alcohol in all the taverns, your memories I have carry on with me, the light of the day has blind me, my life is turning off, my soul has separated.

The lord of the darkness has call me… he offers me an agreement. He said that he could give me your love. His offer was tempting, but I decided to reject it. I cannot conceive the existence without your presence, and although your disdain destroys me, I am too pride like to accept to you be mine, based on tricks or spells. 

On that bad name tavern, my conversation with him was something like following: 

—My love for her is the purest on earth—I said.

—I get it. What do you like the most from your loved one, both the physical and the spiritual?—ask me that entity.

I love the way she watches the rain on sad afternoons…it’s like she travel to remote and fascinating universes that exist in each rain drop, and at the same time it’s like she tries to decode the vital importance that a torrential downpour has for each living being.

And…about her physical…¡her arms! Really, I said to you, gentleman, that skin in her shoulders that extends to her wrists, is a god’s delicacy, the most perfect and delicious there by.

 I love to kiss, lick and bite her with delicacy… I drive crazy, and I know that she feels the same. Also I lose my mind at discover her breasts touch and full my hands with them, but this zone is generally restricted for her husband…  

He heard me with full attention. He continues like this:

— I know the way to link you to your loved woman, without any kind of obstacle, and I can make disappear the man who separates you two, forever from their lives.

Imagine to wake up daily with those beautiful arms around you, had her on your bed to kiss until the full tiredness that delicate skin, take complete possession of her body and her soul…imagine to be able to access to those prominent and soft breasts whenever you want it, as the same way as you access to the air or the sunlight…without restrictions or limitations…imagine to that woman in a lust state, moving her hips again and again, recreating into an animal pleasure offering by your manhood getting into her deepest bowels…to hear the watery sound at get into and go out, the sound of a total excitation…Me, who came to make reality your murkiest and deepest passions, can give you all of this and more…

The persuasive tone of his voice captivated me, and step by step I was recreating on my mind the images he described. The woman that I ever loved, but property to another man, could finally be mine. But still had on me some insecurity, it sounded so good to be true. I thought that the long hours spending on that stinky tavern started to destroy mi (already) little sanity.     

And he goes on:

— So, what’s your decision? Do you know the terms of the agreement? …Give me your soul, kneel before me and adore me. Like this, everything you dream about will be yours.

My legs trembled on the imposing and secure presence of that dark entity that was anxiously waiting to my decision. His penetrants and scrutinizers eyes burned me like wood in the bonfire. What should I do? Nothing guaranteed to me that that man was really the king of the darkness; nothing guaranteed to me that still being it, really he could comply with my demands. Was I living a nightmare or an illusion? …the truth is, on my condition I already had nothing to lose. I already had not a place to die, without a job, without a family, without dignity. I had lose everything because my sickness, because my obsession with you. I was nearly to accept his invitation, but suddenly, my other me, who appears when I least wait for, manifested in this way: 

—I do not accept the proposition, dear gentleman. My pride does not let me take any easy roads. I want my woman loves me because who I am, and if this is not possible, so I will must to die, because I can never get over it.     

That man does not waited for an answer like that, and only managed to open his spotless and elegant suit, take out a little notebook and a pen, called to the bartender and ask him for another wine bottle. Then, served a one more drink for the both of us, and offered me a toast:    

—¡For the love and pride!—

I tasted the wine, and seem to me the most exquisite that could exist. Next, the man gave me the notebook and the pen, saying:

—the wine I gave you is poisoned. By a good or a bad way, you will leave with me. But now I want you to write this history and deliver it to the woman that have carries you to this point. Nobody invocates me in vain.  

Maybe she feel regret for to not to choose you, it will be fun. 

THE END Registered & Protected  QOLD-RLVQ-GOZ3-3AZ6

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