That story happened some years ago, in the small town where I live. Here, it is a general knowledge that a woman could see dead people.  She had a son, he was at the school, in the kindergarten, and one day the kid said that a girl, his classmate, beat him at the school and also, he said that this girl was scaring and bothering him.

The woman got furious; how can this be possible? why my boy is getting abused by another kid? So, at the next day, she went to the classroom and asked about it to the teacher.

The teacher asked to the boy who was bothering him. They thought the boy would probably say a name, but instead of that, he said: “the girl is not here, she appears when I am near to that tree” and at the same time pointed to a large old tree that was in front of the school.

The mother asked the teacher if she could take out the boy from the class for the rest of the day. The teacher accepted. At home, the mother asked again to the boy about the girl:

—Tell me something more about her, did she tell you something more?

—Yes. She told me…

—What did she tell you?…

The kid began to cry, and doing a big effort, said:

—She is asking me for help, she needs to find her body…

—The next time she appears to you, tell her that I am going to help her…

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